My name is Heemi. I’m proud to be a husband and father. I’m proud to be from Aotearoa New Zealand. I’m proud to be Maori. I’m proud to work at an amazing school. I’m proud to be a Teacher.


One Reply to “About”

  1. Tēnā koe Heemi,

    A great post and I like the way you link our own ways of learning on a marae with schools. Sometimes we try to think of new and profound ways to teach and learn when many of these solutions are right under our noses at the marae within our whānau and in our communities. Although I am a supporter of adopting digital technologies to engage our tamariki and connect our whānau I still believe we need to look back into our own history to take us into the future. A lot of innovation in there! It takes a lot of innovative thinking to sail our big waka from Polynesia to Aotearoa and build a new life from scratch. Reconnecting ourselves and our tamariki to significant places in te ao Māori is also a key to creating a stronger future.

    He whakaaro rangatira e hoa,



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